Bloomberg by Bloomberg

When did Bloomberg first establish a policy against sexual discrimination and sexual harassment? We have had that policy since day one, October 1, 1981.

What document reflects that? We had a written code of conduct.

Can you point out anywhere in this document where the word sexual harassment appears? It does not, but it is part of discrimination based on sexual orientation. It's plain English.

Which words are the plain English that Bloomberg does not tolerate sexual harassment? "We do not discriminate against."

So you believe sexual orientation means sexual harassment? It certainly does.

Doesn't the sentence that contains the phrase "sexual orientation" mean simply that Bloomberg will not tolerate discrimination against homosexuals? We don't discriminate against homosexuals, but that is not what this language says or means to me.

Was there any document that described the procedure for an employee to lodge a complaint for sexual harassment at Bloomberg in 1993? I don't know. I don't remember any.

Are you familiar with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines concerning sexual discrimination and harassment? I don't remember reading specifically a federal document, no.

Are you aware it is available to you on the Internet? I wasn't aware, but it doesn't surprise me.

Do you have a computer on your desk? I do.

As the head of your company, do you believe it's important that you are familiar with EEOC guidelines? Yes, I do.

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