Beau of the Brawl

Oct. 10 Steve Webb (nyi) vs. Mike Wilson (pit). The Isles' scrappy Webb steps to the forefront to trade 'em with the much bigger Wilson, who, although not a noted fighter, uses his superior reach to his advantage, tagging Webb with a solid right cross and sending the Islander down on his rear end at the blue line.

Oct. 13 Scott Parker (col) vs. Ed Jovanovski (van). A late-game skirmish sends a frothing Parker off in search of anyone wearing Canuck colors. The unlucky recipient is a game Jovanovski, who steps in and takes it for his team against the massive Colorado crusher. Parker ends up with a two-game suspension as a result of this meeting of the mallets.

Oct. 18 Peter Worrell (fla) vs. Craig Berube (cal). A passing of the torch aptly describes this dustup, a benchside battle that sees both boppers throw big-time right hands. It's the smaller Berube who sports the bloody mess above his right eye upon entering the penalty box.

Oct. 20 Andrei Nazarov (bos) vs. Stu Grimson (nas). Although he led the NHL in fighting majors last season with 26, Bruin bruiser Nazarov is more of an in-close grappler than a stand-back puncher, which might help explain why a right-hand bomb to the chin from Mr. Grimson left a dazed Nazarov counting ceiling rafters one Saturday night in Nashville.

Oct. 28 PJ Stock (bos) vs. Ryan Vandenbussche (chi). A super-lightweight affair in the Windy City ends up a rugged slugfest that sees both men find the target numerous times via the uppercut. It's a mettle-testing matchup between two brawlers who, despite their small sizes, are among the game's tougher hombres.

Oct. 29 Sami Helenius (dal) vs. Richard Scott (nyr). Blueshirt fans became familiar with Scott during a preseason in which the redheaded Ranger toed the line five times against some of the best brawlers in the biz. This time he hooks it on when it counts, trading right-hand Scuds with the hulking Helenius. Scott drills the grill with a couple of shots that nearly buckle Sami before the zebras come in to break it up.

Nov. 5 Georges Laraque (edm) vs. Andrei Nazarov (bos). Another fight for Naz, another loss for Naz. The left of Laraque lands at will on the noggin of Nazarov, who gets dropped down not once but twice during this one-sided display by a title-challenger extraordinaire.

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