Here's Looking at You, Kidd

Just Give Him the Damn Ball!

Three shots. Three field goals. Indeed, after a Van Horn turnover and Kenyon Martin offensive foul, the league's probable MVP wouldn't even trust his teammates to play keep-away as they protected the lead on the final possession. He just stood there defiantly at the top of the key, for what seemed to be an hour and a half, daring Baron Davis or anyone else in teal and purple to try to make him give up his dribble. The meta-message was clear: "If anyone's taking a foul shot, it's gonna be me."

Said a well-pleased Byron Scott after the win, "There's no secret what we're going to do at the end of the game. We're going to have it in Jason's hands." Yeah, right. Eight of the Nets' last 12 field goals in Game Five, the last three in Game One, all without a miss. The underlying problem, of course, is that Kidd is a career 40 percent shooter from the field—39 percent in the post-season. And as the playoffs grind on, that's likely to catch up with him—and the Nets. (After all, if he could morph into Michael Jordan at will, the Suns would have gotten out of the West a couple of times during his tenure there.) But for a few magical quarters, at least, the Nets and their fans think the Kidd is all right.

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