George W. Bush's Constitution

'Does It Take a Lifetime to Question a Man?'

Said Judge Doumar: "How long does it take to question a man? A year? Two years? Ten years? A lifetime? How long?"

Under this intensive fire, the prosecutor, Gregory G. Garre, an assistant to Solicitor General Theodore Olson, had only this response: "The present detention is lawful."

As Judge Doumar said after he had denounced the two-page declaration: "So the Constitution doesn't apply to Mr. Hamdi?"

Was he elected to attack the Bill of Rights?
White House Photo by: Eric Draper (
Was he elected to attack the Bill of Rights?

I will follow this case through the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and then, I expect, to the United States Supreme Court. Those nine men and women will decide whether the essential liberties in the Framers' Constitution have been removed by George W. Bush. It's a pity the Democratic Party cares much less about civil liberties than about Bush's tax cuts.

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