U.S. Soldiers Who Died in Iraq

A Growing List

The following is a list of military personnel who have died in Iraq since the beginning of hostilities in March, compiled from various published reports.

Marine Lance Cpl. Thomas Blair, 24, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Graduated high school and joined Marines.

Army Spc. Gregory P. Sanders, 19, Hobart, Indiana. Son of a navy sailor, always wanted to join the army.

Army Spc. Jamaal R Addison, 22, of Roswell, Georgia. Postal worker's son. Atlanta high school graduate who wanted to get ahead in life. Father said his son "realized he had obligations in life, but he wasn't a fighter."

Marine Cpl. Brian Rory Buesing, 20, of Cedar Key, Florida. Had less than a year left of a four-year term, after which he planned to use the $30,000 he would receive to attend university in Florida.

Army Pfc. Howard Johnson, II, 21, of Mobile, Alabama. Son of a minister who opposed the war in Iraq. Joined army as a means of receiving computer training without the expense of technical school.

Marine Staff Sgt. James Cawley, 41, Utah: Marine reservist and Salt Lake City police detective. He came from a military family.

Army Cpl. Michael, 21, Curtin, New Jersey. Graduate of local high school.

Army Pfc. Diego Fernando Ricon, 19, of Conyers, Georgia. Born in Colombia, moved to U.S. aged five. Attended Atlanta-area high school, where he loved gym and drama.

Army Pfc. Michael Russell Creighton-Weldon, 20, of Palm Bay, Florida. His mother was in the army. She described him as tough—the "man of the house" and "strength of the household"—after her divorce. Drove a truck before joining up.

Marine Lance Cpl. William W. White, 24, of Brooklyn. Raised in Brooklyn in a small family of Honduran immigrants. Shared a house in Bushwick with his mother and two brothers. According to friends joined military as a way "to step up in life." Wanted to become firefighter or join law enforcement.

Army Sgt. Eugene Williams, 24, of Highland New York. Attended local high school, played football. Has one three-year-old and his wife is pregnant. Family struggling to cope financially so community members have created a fund for them to help with funeral expenses.

Army Sgt. Roderic A. Solomon, 32, of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Born into a military family. Joined army after high school to see what it was like. Ended up serving six years. Re-enlisted last year.

Marine Gunnery Sgt. Joseph Menusa, 33, of San Jose, California. Born in the Philippines. High school grad. Said to have joined Marines partly to attract women. Fought in first Gulf War and thought he should be a guide to younger Marines in the current fighting because he knew the region.

Lance Cpl. Jesus A. Suarez del Solar, 20, of Escondido, Mexico. A Mexican citizen. Chose military over college after high school. Father wishes his son had not died for "Bush's oil."

Marine Maj. Kevin G. Nave, 36, of Union, Lake Michigan. Graduated in '85 from local high school, played football, on wrestling team. Left wife and two kids. Adviser to Southern Wisconsin Young Marines. Loved his work.

Navy Hospital Corpsman Third Class Michael Vann Johnson, Jr., 25, of Little Rock, Arkansas: After graduating from University of Central Arkansas, he then joined military. Loved basketball, acting, helping people. Dreamed of becoming an actor. Father a retired air traffic controller with the Air Force.

Marine Staff Sgt. Donald C. May, 31, of Richmond, Virginia. Both parents Marines. Joined Marines after getting out of college. Was serving as a tank commander when his vehicle went off a bridge in Iraq. Wife seven months pregnant with their second child.

Army Reserve Spec. Brandon Tobler, 19, of Oregon. A graduate of a local high school who joined army to pay for college. Dreamed of being either an artist or police officer. Died in vehicle crash in southern Iraq.

Air Force Maj. Gregory Stone. Grew up in Portland. Attended local high school and Oregon State University. As a kid worked in ice cream parlor and was a driver for Festival of Roses princess. Wanted to join Air Force even as a kid. Was living in Boise, Idaho, where ex-wife and two young sons live.

Marine Lance Cpl. Eric Orlowski, 26, of Cheektowga, New York. Always wanted to be a marine. Worked for various companies after high school, making and installing windows. Died after a gun accidentally went off.

Marine Sgt. Bradley Korthaus, 29, of Iowa. Attended high school in Davenport, Iowa, played sports and musical instruments. Was scheduled to take an exam to become a certified journeyman plumber and pipe-fitter but his unit shipped out first.

Marine Cpl. Evan James, 20, of Illinois. Had been studying for past two years at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville to become a physical trainer, and joined the reserves to earn money for college. Shipped out to Iraq a little more than a month ago.

Marine Sgt. Nicolas Hodson, 22, of Missouri. High school grad, had two sons.

Marine Maj. Jay Aubin, 36, of Maine. Grew up in Skowhegan, mother lives in Winslow. A marine helicopter pilot he attended a Tech College in southern Maine. His two children live in Yuma with their mother. Joined Marines in order to become a pilot. Died in 'copter crash in Kuwait.

Marine Cpt. Ryan Beaupre, 30, of St. Anne, Illinois. Remembered for love of surfing and flying. Died in copter crash.

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