Howard Dean Signals Right

After the Ecstasy, Foreign Policy

But the devil, of course, is in the details. While Dean will spend the rest of his campaign focused squarely on the challenge to his right, the left certainly won't settle for a pretender.

"It is not progressive to say the Pentagon budget is off-limits to cuts," says Jeff Cohen, the communications director for Representative Dennis Kucinich, who is also running for president. In most polls, Kucinich trails the other Democratic candidates. "It's not progressive to say that you want more troops in Iraq, and that we're stuck there. It's not progressive to say the embargo on Cuba, which is an absurd policy which persisted for decades, should continue."

An insurgent with an unimaginative center?
photo: Shiho Fukada
An insurgent with an unimaginative center?

And while Dean's policies in the Middle East will continue to draw attention—and perhaps serve as a litmus test for his integrity—those invested in the region may well decide that Howard Dean, while not perfect, is the next best thing.

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