Sex, Actually

Filming the life of erotic researcher Alfred Kinsey, director Bill Condon finds it's déjà vu all over again

Once more into the breach, then, for Alfred Kinsey—though the stakes may be even higher this time around, as Condon points out. "The fringe people who attack Kinsey always make the same leap, that talking about something is the same as endorsing it, but this is life-or-death stuff," says the director, who cites President Bush's unrealistic emphasis on abstinence education in allocating funds to fight AIDS in Africa. "The Kinsey Institute is now involved in research on condom use, and 40 percent of people they sampled don't know how to use them, including a surprising percentage who put them on after they have sex. All the attempts to impose morality on science, whether it's sex ed or stem cell research, are exactly what Kinsey faced in his day."

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