After the London Bombings: 'Our Dead Have Names Too'

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How true that was, because basically this is what the Qur'aan says.

Surah 2

190. And fight in the Way of Allah against those who fight you.

191. And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Fitnah (reversion to polytheism, turning a disbeliever after one has believed in Allah) is worse than killing.

Surah IV-Women

if they (Disbelievers) turn back to enmity then take them and kill them wherever you find them, and choose no friend or helper from among them. (v 89) The Mujahideen understand this to mean exactly what it says. There are no boundaries. The Crusade is global and so the Jihad has to be global.

Surah 2 section 194:

The sacred month is for the sacred month, and for the prohibited things, there is the law of retribution (redress, equality in retaliation) (Qisas). Then whoever transgresses the prohibition against you, you transgress likewise against him. And fear Allah and know that Allah is with the pious.

This means you do to the Crusaders what they do to you. Islam allows retaliation-like for like. This means that the relatives of the Iraqis who were beaten to death in Abu Ghraib have the right to beat to death the crusaders who killed their loved ones. The Muslims who had their transportation, hospitals, water treatment plants and industries bombed continuously since 1991 have the right given by Allah to do to the Kuffar what the Kuffar did to them! This is what happened in London today.


The Kuffar's own intelligence services predicted what would happen to any Kuffar that joined Bush's crusade and the Mujahideen made their intentions clear at the outset of the Iraq war. Sheikh Bin Laden even told the world to ask itself that why countries such as Sweden never get attacked or have to fear an attack?

The blame for what happened in London falls squarely on Blair's shoulders.

He is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of innocent non-combatants in Iraq. The Mujahideen have read the Qur'aan and carried out the necessary retaliation according to the Law of Allah. By doing so they demonstrated their skills of organisation, and planning as well as daring bravery and cunning—all qualities lacking so far amongst the armies of the apostate regimes of the Middle East. They chose the day when the G8 summit started and the world's attention was focused on London which was also the day that a large part of the London police force was in Scotland to guard the G8 Kuffar gathering.

The best thing for the people of Britain is to understand it was Blair who tricked them into a dirty colonial war and now the chickens have come home to roost. They failed to defeat the IRA and now they are dealing with people who welcome death for the sake of Allah just as the Kuffar welcome life.

It's ironic that this retaliation attack occurred the same week that Sheikh Abu Hamza's trial began for alleged terrorism in London. Here is the Kuffar charging an invalid with no hands and just one eye with being a terrorist mastermind to hoodwink their public into believing they have the alleged Muslim terrorism threat under control. Yet the biggest attack on the British establishment since the Second World War was underway as the alleged terrorist mastermind was being put through a rigged show trial to humiliate the Ummah. It just shows the level of incompetence and corruption within the Kuffar's much vaunted security apparatus, which spent millions of pounds harassing innocent Muslims when in reality the real people in the business of terror were going about their business without any hindrance.

Whoever thought that corruption only existed in Third World countries ought to think again because the Kuffar put on trial an invalid Muslim to con their population into believing they were efficiently prosecuting the “War on Terror” when the reality is they were wasting public money, our tax money (in addition of getting the British boys getting killed and mutilated for the Zionist cause, that is for nothing, in Iraq).

Whoever thought that Arab rulers and their sidekicks reflected Muslims ought to think again because a highly motivated and intelligent group of Muslims working independently of any government brought the Crusade back to where it came from.

I say to the people of Britain to wake up and kick out these parasites who are bleeding the country for an easy life for themselves. Note the difference in security around British political intuitions compared to what the British public are getting.

Do the right thing a first step: IMPEACH BLAIR!!

London Is Burning
By Gilad Atzman
July 7, 20005

We are used to seeing images of horrors from the Iraqi capital. For most Londoners and Britons, those images are nothing more than a remote call from a foreign country. Somehow, most of us have managed to forget that it is basically our government who is responsible for the continued horror in Iraq.

Today's images of horror are coming from London, seemingly, Baghdad and London appear to share a very similar fate.

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