Gitmo: The Worst of the Worst?

A report, based entirely on Defense Department documents, exposes the truth about Guantánamo

"The detainees have been afforded no meaningful opportunities to test the Government's evidence against them. They remain incarcerated."

In a lead editorial on February 17, the British Financial Times said of the Abu Ghraib revelations, and this also applies to what has happened at Gitmo since: "There was no independent investigation and no real accountability: the two most visible privates in the photos were jailed, and a junior general was demoted.

"But responsibility lay—and lies—further up the chain of command, as far as Donald Rumsfeld . . . and officials such as Alberto Gonzales, now attorney general, who devised a framework for circumventing the Geneva Conventions. It is they who should be held to account."

Welcome to our humane facilities.
photo: David P. Coleman/DOD
Welcome to our humane facilities.

But not the commander in chief?

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