Michael Musto replies: It's actually a brown area, not a gray area, but in any case, those who are familiar with the clinical precision of my prose know that I meant what I said. To paraphrase that old bottom Cole Porter, "I'm the top!"

Musto, you're out of your mind, but this interview with Sarah Silverman was excellent. Sarah sounds very together and she is funny, even if I'm not into ca-ca jokes and degrees of anal excretion. Tell Sarah she's appreciated by a much older demographic. You too, sometimes.
Anne Meara

Come on, your "All City" section [Camille Dodero's blog, villagevoice.com] is a joke. If you're going to choose a writer, at least choose someone who knows something about graffiti/street art. It also might help if you choose someone who has been in the city for more than a month.
Alex H.
Boulder, Colorado

Nathan Lee's review of the egregious Breaking and Entering ["Yuppie Scum Seeks Ravishing Refugee," January 24–30] gets the script wrong: Jude Law would love to put Robin Wright Penn's laugh in a box like Bea's (her daughter), not like bees. The sentence is a little less stupid than Lee makes it. Not much, though.
Helen Pringle
Sydney, Australia

The Village Voice has an immediate opening for a managing editor. This position requires writing, editing, and management skills. The managing editor must be able to guide both experienced and beginning staff writers in producing superior magazine-style stories as well as help supervise the day-to-day operations of the editorial department. The ideal candidate will have a solid background in news. The most promising applicants will be asked to take an extensive editing test. The Voice offers competitive salaries and benefits. Qualified candidates should send a cover letter, a résumé, and clips to the address below.

The Village Voice has openings for staff writers with experience in political and/or media reporting. We're looking for passionate, energetic journalists with well-developed narrative-writing skills and lots of story ideas. Please send cover letter, résumé, and clips to:

David Blum
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