Darfur Betrayed

China, naturally, supports a UN resolution with no teeth

This is why Eric Reeves—an originator of the shaming campaign—makes the essential point that China must not be left off the hook. "It will require," Reeves says, "tremendous advocacy efforts to secure [real] Chinese support for civilian protection in Darfur. Particularly if Khartoum continues its [chronic] defiance of international will . . . .

"Beijing . . . must use its unmatched leverage with Khartoum to forestall the tactics of obstructionism and harassment that have so deeply compromised the work of the current [small and continually endangered] African Union mission on Darfur."

The shaming campaign, therefore, is continuing—as are the efforts of others around the world who see through the holes in this UN resolution and are working to organize a boycott of the Beijing Olympics. I will continue to report on these insistent pressures on China to compel its partner, Sudan, to put a real-time stop to the mass murders and rapes in Darfur.

Keep watching to see, for openers, if the barbarous Janjaweed militia is disarmed—and if one of its leaders is turned over to the International Criminal Courts sometime in this century.

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