Nightlife Suffers as Gay Men Move Online

Where Is Everybody?

When Blair instituted VIP tables at XL, he was roundly criticized. But it's the only way to make a gay dance club work these days, he insists. "Bottle service would never have worked back then, but we're multipurpose because we have to be. And it's sold out every Friday and Saturday."

That leaves promoters like Sena continually haggling with club owners who would much rather devote their weekend nights to free-spending straight crowds than to gay men, notorious for refilling their one purchased water bottle. True, the drug of choice for many younger gay men is alcohol; but juice isn't conducive to an extended dance experience.

"It's not a weekly experience for anybody," Pevner says with a sigh. "It's not part of the culture. The big parties nowadays are like Broadway—they're half-tourists."

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