Little engines that think they can


Maybe it was the relentless clickety-clack. Could have been the rolling rhythm. Perhaps it was the plunging in and out of tunnels. Some LIRR passengers apparently can’t wait to get home to their bedroom communities. So, like a speeding locomotive, they, well, you know.

Al, 20, Queens I already knew her and we were traveling from the city. We just happened to get in the sex conversation. It wasn’t my fault. I think she instigated the whole thing. What could I do? She just kept telling me little things in my ear. She knew exactly what to say. You know me, I was looking around. I thought there was a cop. He had to be asleep–either that or he was enjoying himself. I’m pretty sure he heard us. We slipped a couple of times. She got loud. She couldn’t help herself. I made noise but I didn’t get too loud. She had jeans on but they only had to go down so far. She only had to take a seat. There we go. A quickie isn’t that much fun, but it held us down until we got home.

Tracey, 30, Lido Beach I took the drunk train home one night. It was the Long Beach line, and I’d met up with my friend Jamie at Penn Station. Jamie’s an actor and very funny. We get on the train and he fell asleep. So, I put on headphones and tune out. I’m sitting in the four-seater, facing everyone. I see that everyone in the car is asleep. As I look around I see this gorgeous guy who I take the train with in the morning. He’s just a few rows back on the other side of the isle. And I see a girl is next to him with her head on his lap. I don’t think anything, because couples often do this. Sort of like spooning, but on a train. Then I noticed that his eyes are closed, but twitching. Twitching a lot. So I look down. She’s not moving at all. And it’s dead silent. So, I’m not sure if she’s blowing him. But then, I notice that he’s holding his jacket open and shielding her. Suddenly, his eyes opened and he’s looking around to see if anyone’s watching. I look away just in time. But I can see them in the reflection off the window. Everybody’s still asleep, including Jamie who’d die if he knew. I couldn’t stop watching. We get to Island Park and she comes up for air. She just smiles. Then the train pulls into Long Beach and Jamie wakes up. I tell him the whole thing. Jamie and I go to get into a cab and the couple gets in with us. I just know Jamie’s going to say something. And he does. He goes, “Hey, young lovers. How was the train ride?” I’m dying. But, thank God, he wasn’t the least bit sarcastic. I think they thought he was just being friendly.

Marcus, 23, Five Towns I met a girl on a train from Penn Station. It was the Babylon line, 5 o’clock in the morning, after clubs. I was alone and drunk at the time. I don’t know if she was drunk, but her friends were with her. It got a little wild behind a seat in a corner. Got away with it pretty clean. I didn’t get naked. No clear nudity. To get away with it, the train has to be relatively empty and you have to stay low. She got off at her stop. I got off at mine.

Marie, 45, Hempstead I had a little bit of pecking with a friend of mine. No penetration, just feeling. But the wildest thing I saw on a train was this couple having sex. That was the PATH train to New Jersey. They didn’t care if I saw them. Kind of turned me on. He sucked on her breasts. She gave him a blowjob. They pulled down things, but her breasts and his penis were fully out–I was devastated. I would like to see something like that now. It would help me out. They had a little baby with them. I don’t think you should put this in the paper, because it sounds like child pornography: He asked her to give the baby a blow job.

Mark, 40, South Shore I see stuff whenever I get the late one home, after 10 p.m. on the Long Beach line. I’ve seen as much where the guy has the newspaper open very wide over his lap and his girl is under the newspaper, if you know where I’m going. I’ve caught out of my peripheral vision a guy pulling his hand out from underneath a girl’s skirt. I guess I find it amazing when you walk by a couple and the girl is really entertaining the guy and she looks you deadpan in the face and doesn’t stop rubbing someone’s dick.

Kenya, 20, Rosedale My friend told me she was on the train on New Year’s Eve with her boyfriend and another couple. She told me she sucked her boyfriend’s dick on the train. Then she lifted up her skirt and had sex. I don’t know if the other couple watched. She’s wild. She’s out there, and she said she was making a lot of noise. I was like, “You’re crazy.” It was empty and she was in the back. Her boyfriend is kind of quiet, but he’s into sex a lot. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when she told me. She never did this before. She had sex in front of me one time. We were in my car on the way to a party and her boyfriend was in the back. She was like, “You’ve got to pull over.” She gets in the back with him. They were just having sex and all types of shit in the back seat. My windows were getting all fogged up and shit.

Crystal, 18, Freeport He was just like a friend and we were just bored. There were about 10, 15 people trying not to look. One guy was like, “Oh, my God!” We didn’t care. I was just laughing the whole time. We’d hooked up before, we always do crazy stuff. We were going to the city by train, on the Babylon line. I was wearing silver pants and a tight three – quarter – sleeve shirt. I was just lying on his shoulder. We looked at each other and started kissing. I sat on top of him, facing him. He kind of went up my shirt a little, but I told him to stop after 10-15 minutes. I got embarrassed. And I didn’t want to mess up my makeup.