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You Flinched!


Buried story: Americans herald a new digital era in Iraq

Oh, what a stirring tribute John McCain delivered to George W. Bush on Monday night inside Republican Square Garden: “He has not flinched from the hard choices.”

That’s more than you can say about those Iraqis inside Abu Ghraib. In a story that America’s media pushed aside so they could play up the GOP’s canned corn, testimony continued Monday in the Fort Bragg trial of Abu Ghraib guard Lynndie England. Private Jeremy Sivits told the military court, according to an AP account posted by the Toronto Star, that a sergeant had to order England and another soldier to stop “stomping on the fingers and toes” of a detainee.

Yeah, that detainee no doubt flinched. He’s no George W. Bush, by golly!

And who built them pyramids? Americans, that’s who! Specifically, it was England’s boyfriend, specialist Chuck Graner, who stacked up seven naked Iraqis right after that sergeant left, Sivits testified.

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