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DC Punk Throws D-I-Y Wedding


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Are you married yet?

I got married on June 4. I basically need to just have a month before that to like focus on the wedding. Since the wedding I went to Maui for the honeymoon, and then we just had a big party back here outside of DC on Sunday for all the DC friends.


My wife and I– we’ve been together pretty much the entire time’s the band’s been together. And so she knows what it’s like for me touring and all that, and she knew that I was probably gonna be touring a lot of the time that we’d be engaged, so we planned as far ahead as we could. We got engaged about a year and half before we got married and we started planning the wedding probably about a year before it actually happened.


There was so much stuff to figure out. We actually had two things. The wedding itself was pretty small, it was in my parent’s backyard. It was basically immediate family on both sides, and then a select group of friends– like basically a couple of my oldest friends, and the same for her, and my band mates. And that was really it as far as friends went, because we really wanted to keep this thing small. So it was like 50 people maybe. And we just had our friends and our parents. And her mom kind of spoke. We didn’t have a religious service since neither of us is religious, so we decided instead of like a sermon or whatever, we’d just have our friends kind of officiate it or whatever, kind of just sort of MC’d, if you will, and then instead of like a sermon or something we had just like six different family and friends each come up and speak for like, two or three minutes on you know, love, or whatever, or their views on me and Molly, my wife, and whatever, just you know. That’s what we did. And we wrote our own vows and exchanged rings, and that was it. It was probably about half an hour. And then we had a party at my parents’ house. And there wasn’t anything as formal as like a DJ or band, it was just like– I made a mix on my iPod, six hours of music, like, wedding appropriate music. We did that, and our parents have a jukebox in their basement. So a bunch of us were hanging out in the basement afterwards, playing ping-pong and listening to the Kinks on the jukebox.

That’s great.

So it was very low-key. And we just had a party here on Sunday for all the DC friends, and we did have a DJ for that. Ari from Manhunter DJ’d, Chris and Harris both DJ’d, Amanda MacKaye DJ’d– and I don’t think I’m leaving anyone out, it was those four. Everyone else was just kinda hanging around. We did a barbeque, and had food inside. We had rented this old historic mill, out near College Park, which is where University of Maryland is, which is where both Molly and I went to school. There you go.

So that’s what you did.

That’s what we did.

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