The Sun Never Sets on Conrad Black


Among the people and corporations lining up to sue the ass off of Conrad Black, you won’t find Seth Lipsky, founderer and editor of the New York Sun.

Falling far short of even the minimum menschmarks of journalism, Lipsky called his staff together yesterday and launched into a passionate defense of financiopath Black, who was convicted by a jury the other day of felonious business activities.

conrad-black150.jpgFuture jailbird Black abandoned his Canadian citizenship to buy a lordship in England, but he didn’t have to do that to ensure the fealty of Lipsky, who wouldn’t have even had the Sun to run if not for Black’s money.

I’ve been part of captive audiences for some top goniffs’ newsroom performances — many of them staggeringly, insanely, laughably bad — but Lipsky’s paean must have been priceless, especially when he told his staff that “Conrad Black was cleared of the charge that he ran Hollinger as a ‘kleptocracy.’ “

As I suggested yesterday, just read former SEC commissioner Richard Breeden‘s Hollinger Report about schnooks Black, his warmongering board member Richard Perle, and others before you hop aboard the bandwagon that Lipsky’s trying to whip into motion.

Luckily, Lipsky’s ego prompted him to reprint his name-dropping speech in his weakly daily. Read it here. In the finest journalistic tradition, Lipsky closed his speech with this:

If he does go to prison, I hope he will be able to send us some columns. I don’t know whether he will want to or be permitted, but the invitation is out.

And to those of you who might handle his copy here at the Sun, I say this: Please treat any of his dispatches as coming from a man who made your newspaper possible and, when you edit his prose and put it into print, remember that the honor is ours.

Yes, the honor is yours. We insist.