Yes! The Soul of Rock Music Will Live on the Bowery


Workers removed the bar from the CBGB Gallery a few weeks ago. Designer John Varvatos will be peddling $125 guitar T-shirts from there soon.

Designer John Varvatos gave Voice writer Lynn Yaeger the brush-off despite repeated attempts for comment and then officially announces that he’s opening a boutique in the storefront that once housed CBGB on the same day her article “All Sold Out at CBGB” hit newstands. That’s so punk.

Said Jesse Malin of the news: ““After getting to know John over the years and seeing him host wonderful live music performances, I can’t think of anyone better to keep the spirit and soul of rock music alive on the Bowery in the old CBGB’s location.”

Me too!

“I think it’s great … now all the old CBGB punks will become the best dressed CBGB punks in the world,” declared Alice Cooper.

Totally, those punks are just hanging out on the Bowery waiting right now. You see them every day. Punks drinking forties. Punks sleeping on stoops. Punks everywhere. We hear, a lot of the “old CBGB punks” are going to get $3,495-leather-jackets at the same time and reform the old LES crew.

In the press release, the Varvatos people say “among the many ideas being considered for the new store are a special merchandise mix geared to a rock & roll customer, a stage permanently integrated into the store design, an in-store performance series featuring up and coming musical artists, and a new John Varvatos collection designed specifically for 315 Bowery, from which a portion of the proceeds would benefit an artist development fund.”

Hmmm. Potentially cool. Better than Starbucks, I guess. Hard to say. Starbucks is a total ripoff but at least you could afford to buy something there if you wanted overpriced burnt coffee. Can’t say that about a Varvatos store.