The Times’ Sunday Magazine Won’t Print the Word “Poos”


It’s a rare treat when the New York Times Magazine deigns to cover popular music—a quarterly treat, at best—so this past Sunday’s piece on one-man indie-rock bands, featuring profiles of St. Vincent, Panda Bear, and Final Fantasy, a/k/a Owen Pallett, is remarkable in and of itself. (Indie-rock one-man bands are a rising trend, you see: “‘I think one-man bands are a rising trend,’ Pallett told me at lunch.”) What’s particularly noteworthy, though, is that the mag is too demure to actual print the name of Final Fantasy’s last record. Yeah, that one. He Poos Clouds. Author John Wray addresses the problem in parenthetical: “(The title is at once innocent and vulgar, and can’t be printed here).”

It would more accurate to say, “The title is a retarded affront to our generation, and can’t be printed here,” but I suppose they’re not allowed to say “retarded,” either.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on May 20, 2008

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