Monsters Everywhere: The Serbian “Thug” and the Columbia Rapist


The trial of accused rapist Robert Williams ended yesterday with a conviction on 44 of the 46 criminal counts against him and with Williams napping in his cell. Williams is the monster who raped and tortured a Columbia graduate students in what Assistant District Attorney Ann Prunty had described as a “one-man, 19-hour rampage during which he violated almost all of the laws that we, as a civilized society, have put in place.”

Both papers note Williams’ non-reaction to the verdict (he wasn’t even in court when it was read) and the defiant stoicism of the victim, who was in the front row with her family for the verdict. The journalism graduate student “refused to cry,” according to the Daily News. Homicide Detective Robert Mooney, who had arrested Williams’ father decades ago, told the paper that the 23-year-old woman “is the bravest human being I have ever met.”

As one monster is behind bars, another “thug” has slipped away from authorities. The Daily News places “Serb thug” Miladin Kovacevic on the front page today. The Binghamton University student is on the run after being charged with viciously beating a fellow student on May 4. Brooklyn’s Bryan Steinhauer is in a medically induced coma after suffering a fractured skull, broken jaw and broken eye sockets in a brawl with Kovacevic and two of his pals.

The three were arrested, and Kovacevic was released on $100,000 bail. This is where the story gets tricky. The Serbian national had to surrender his passport upon being freed on bail, but Kovacevic obtained an emergency passport and fled the country on June 6. The State Department is investigating the incident, and the Serbian Consulate refused to comment on the case.

Bryan Steinhauer is an honors student who was set to work for an accounting firm this summer.