Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac Smiling on Sometimes the Internet Can Be Creepy


Visiting the official Isaac Hayes site right now is a fairly spooky thing. As of this moment (2:28 am on Monday, August 11), the site not only hasn’t been edited to reflect ex-Chef’s death, but just one click beyond the opening splash page defaults to a smiling pop-up photo of Hayes with Samuel Jackson and . . . Bernie Mac.

The group shot isn’t completely random: Hayes appears as himself in the upcoming comedy Soul Men, which stars Mac and Jackson. But of course, the 50-year-old Mac died on Saturday due to complications from a pnuemonia, one day before Hayes was pronounced dead in Memphis. We are not superstitious crazies, but the visual is fairly jarring. Indubitably, moreso to Samuel Jackson.


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UPDATED, 08/12 has taken down this image; it’s not even in the site’s photo section anymore.

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