NYD RFD: Notes from Around Our Little Town


You’d think a big developer like AvalonBay Communities would mind all its p’s and q’s when it comes to housing mandates. But though the luxury builder may provide “gourmet kitchens with granite countertops,” “a competition-sized swimming pool,” and “amazing views of Manhattan” in its Avalon Chrystie Place in the Lower East Side, the U.S. Justice Department doesn’t think AvalonBay has done enough for the disabled. Crain’s New York Business reports that the Feds have filed suit against AvalonBay for unlawful discrimination. “The lawsuit says that common areas [of Avalon Chrystie Place] are not readily accessible to disabled people and that individual units lack wheelchair-accessible routes,” says Crain’s. AvalonBay disputes the charges.

Holla Back New York correspondent Joanna reports a “toucher” on the F train this morning: “a nondescript guy in a white t-shirt. Thick dark hair, glasses, jeans, looked like early 20’s… I stared him down when I noticed him rubbing his crotch. All in a matter of about 30 seconds. EWWWWW.” Toucher is still at large.

Brooklynian’s Nuclear Redaction says the basement of his apartment building was plundered of copper pipe. This is a national problem, and with copper prices are up to $7,590 per metric ton on the London Metal Exchange we may expect more of the same.

In 2005 Daily Heights sleuthed a guy who was going around Prospect Heights telling people his mother had just had a stroke and crashed her car, and he needed whatever they could spare for the tow truck. He sweetened the deal by saying he could get the Good Samaritan some show tickets. Today ClintonHillBlog says the guy is back at it. You can’t keep a good scam down, but you can keep from falling for it.