No 3rd Term! Say Mayor Foes


Mayor Bloomberg’s coyness over term limits, treated here earlier, is getting wider, unflattering attention. New York‘s Daily Intel has a nice roundup of reactions from Mark Green, Bill Thompson (against), and Anthony Weiner (for, if passed by referendum). And the Neighborhood Retail Alliance says, “We have a mayoralty not a royalty in New York City. Mayor Mike has purchased power before, and now he apparently believes that he can effect a leveraged buy out of term limits.”

If the City Council is in fact considering an end to term limits (for themselves and/or for the Mayor), the New York Sun warns that there is legal precedent to challenge their right to do so.

It’s fun to pretend that anyone cares what citizens think, but let’s not forget that Bloomberg is not in the habit of asking our opinion, and he doesn’t like our responses on those rare occasions when he does. The Mayor famously runs the City like a business, and it happens to be a business where the stockholders don’t much challenge the Board.