Rightbloggers Think Anti-Scientologists are a “Left Wing Group”


We’ve had a lot of posts at Runnin’ Scared about Anonymous, the guerilla group dedicated to exposing Scientology. So we were surprised — in a way — when, after an Anon allegedly hacked Sarah Palin’s email, conservative websites started calling Anonymous a bunch of liberals.

“Left Wing Group Hacks Palin’s Email,” writes Caleb Howe of Political Machine. First acknowledging that Anonymous is “famous both for their campaign against Scientology and their strange protest activities” — linking to masked Anons dancing to Rick Astley with American flags, a dove, and an Anonymous MN banner during the Republican Convention — Howe goes on to assert that “Anonymous may be anonymous, but their tactics are as plain as day. It’s Obama Supporter 101.”

Big-time rightblogger Allahpundit takes his word for it, saying that “The group taking responsibility certainly has a history of partisan attacks,” citing only the dance performance.

American Power calls Anonymous a “left-wing subterranean protest group.” “Liberals busy spreading the information obtained illegally,” hollers Wake Up America. Examining a message from the alleged hacker, which says nothing about Obama, Wizbang decrees, “Obama supporter, it seems.” Jammie Wearing Fool calls the hacker a “HuffPo turd,” though no explanation of the role of the Huffington Post is provided. TigerHawk blames “the left,” Power Line blames “liberals,” etc.

You have to wonder: if a group dedicated to taking down Scientology is, by their definition, a liberal group, does that mean Scientology is a conservative cause?