Don’t Fuck With Mr. Met


Christien Hansen has pleaded guilty to harassment charges and been fined $500. His victims were a Shea Stadium guard, some kids he shoved in the fracas, and, most mediagenically, Mr. Met, whom Hansen was pestering at a Mets game when the guard intervened, receiving for his trouble Hansen’s spit in his face. Hansen has also been banned from Mets home games indefinitely, reports the Daily News.

Colin Gilbert could have warned Hansen about getting on Mr. Met’s wrong side. In his Shea reminiscence at Deadspin, Gilbert recalls following the mascot into a Shea corridor and tapping his plastic head affectionately, whereupon “Mr. Met turned around and violently checked me into the wall and gave me the classic Shea Stadium greeting — ‘Go Fuck Yourself, Asshole. You like getting smacked on the head?'” Photo via killrbees (cc).