Brooklyn Nightlife Increasingly Resembles Kansas, 1911


Brooklyn Based runs through some of the Quizzo-style entertainments available in the hipper precincts. Union Hall in Park Slope has a “lawyer-by-day/comedian-by-night” who delivers comic lectures such as “The Firing of My High School Physics Teacher.” The Bell House has Name That Tune with pop music trivia thrown in. Freddy’s in Prospect Heights has a storytelling open-mike, and of course there’s the famous Spelling Bee at Pete’s Candy Store. We wonder that there are no community sings, sewing circles, or cornhusking competitions. This is the sort of thing people once moved to the Big City to escape. A great metropolis demands lurid nightlife with needled beer, shoulder-hitters, girls who are no better than they should be and so forth. We wait impatiently for our new Weimar era to supply them.