Yassky Defends Term Limits Vote; Bloggers Cry “Chickenshit”


Councilmember David Yassky — who pushed for a referendum amendment to the recent term limits overturn bill, but after the amendment’s defeat voted for the bill anyway — sent out an explanation for his vote, which we found at the Gowanus Lounge. Though Yassky’s “initial reaction to the Mayor’s proposal was outrage,” and he doesn’t think Bloomberg “is the only person capable of leading the City over the coming years,” he believes term limits are “bad in general and especially at this time,” which is “a period of extraordinary challenge.” Also some guy in a supermarket told him to “do the right thing” — just like Da Mayor in the Spike Lee film of the same name.

If Yassky hoped for some Brooklyn cred with that, he doesn’t get it from GL: “If the stuff sitting on plate has come out of the business end of a chicken and is what is otherwise known in vulgar terms as chicken shit,” they write, “do not try to convince that us that you tried to reason with the chicken not to evacuate its bowels.” This analogy is thereafter expanded revoltingly.

Neither is the Daily Gotham moved; it says Yassky’s vote “puts him in with Scalia and Thomas on the Supreme Court” (re Bush v Gore), except that it was “a legislative rather than judicial ‘fuck you’ to the voters.”

Commenters at Brooklyn Heights Blog are mostly unfavorable, though less obscene. “I presume he’ll be running again for his seat so he’ll get what he deserves in the next election,” says one. “He does what is best for him always,” “An extension of Bloomberg’s term limits means he will be mayor again. No one else has a chance because no one can raise enough money to beat him,” etc. No Land Grab calls Yassky’s explanation “doubletalk.”