End of an Era: Slacktivist John Penley to Leave New York


These should be boom times for old-fashioned street agitators. Refashion the hippie hair into a bedhead, buy a $500 “youthful” ensemble and get those kids marching again! But slacktivist John Penley, whose efforts have been much covered here, tells the Villager that “he has had it, is ‘burned out’ and is leaving and ‘going somewhere else,’ to ‘parts unknown.'”

Gasp! Is Penley licked by the yunnie dipshits who told the Post, “We’re going to fill his neighborhood whether he likes it or not”? Was he a CIA plant all along, now decommissioned because his work here is done? Or has he merely grown old and wise enough to get out while the gettin’s good?

Hat tip to EV Grieve, who has a nice backload of Penley stories, which we bit mercilessly for this item.