More Details: Thorns of Life (New Jawbreaker Band)


Old WFMU soldier Billy Jam hosted Aaron Cometbus on his Put the Needle on the Record radio show last Friday. Topics discussed: The East Bay at the end of the ’80s, anarchism, public nudity, fanzines, the way music takes over everything, the 35 bands Aaron Cometbus has been in, DIY, major labels, swearing, and, about 46 minutes in, Cometbus’s new band Thorns of Life, comprised of Aaron, Blake Schwarzenbach from Jawbreaker/Jets to Brazil, and Daniela Sea, from The L Word.

For starters, Thorns of Life is, uh, Blake’s idea: “There’s some inter-band dispute about the name of the band. We’re not sure about the name yet.” It is indeed mostly a Schwarzenbach project: “It’s his songs, that I’m helping form a little bit with him, but they’re basically his songs.” As for shows, “We’ll be playing as many as possible,” but they’re avoiding clubs, bouncers, age-limits, etc. And, finally, “We are planning on recording, either early this winter or later this spring.”

If you can find a show, I might add, go to that show. [Punk News]