Staten Island Expects Shame to Deter Shoplifters, For Some Reason


According to AP, Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan thinks shoplifters are as sensitive to public scolding as Catholic schoolboys of the 1950s, and has put portraits of shoplifters on video displays at the Staten Island Mall, with the legend, “Shoplift in this mall and you could have your face right here.” Maybe Donovan doesn’t spend much time among such people, but for petty criminals this has all the force of threatening to tell their mothers they’ve been up past bedtime. We suggest the DA take into account that this is, after all, Staten Island, and run the perps’ photos with captions like JOEY SCARDINO IS A FUKIN HOMO DUCHBAG to create a real deterrent.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on November 26, 2008


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