Fork on the Road Eats Momos in Ditmas Park


This week, I’m at Top Cafe Tibet, a tiny restaurant that opened this summer in Ditmas Park Brooklyn. It’s owned by a group of brothers who started with an Asian grocery store, expanded by adding a sushi bar (!) in the mini mart, and started selling the momos at the mart at well. Finally, they opened the cafe next door, where they could sell their homemade momos and other traditional Tibetan foods in a sit-down setting.

The restaurant sits directly on top of the Q train tracks at the Courtelyou Station, so it’s easy to get there. As long as you stick with the “Tibetan Specialties” and steer clear of the California rolls, you can’t really go wrong. The homemade beef momos are wonderful, as are the noodle soups.

Top Cafe Tibet is a happy reminder that
New York is still, sometimes, a place where on-a-shoestring,
from-scratch family restaurants can thrive.  


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