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Councilman Questioned Over Ugly, Non-Compliant House


Outgoing Queens councilmember Anthony Como has built himself a weird, gabled house in Middle Village. Fox 5 News found that there were several violations on the construction and accosted Como on the street with them. Since Como is not the best-spoken local pol (he described the violations as “just a bunch of hoopla made out over something that’s ridiculous'”), and as a lame duck is powerless to retaliate, Fox had a lot of fun with him, and even quotes from one of our favorite blogs, Queens Crap, which follows up with quotes that will not appear on Fox 5 News, e.g. “The people of NY care about overdevelopment you fat assed POS,” “What a tasteless shitbag design,” “How did Deutzman get that fat blob to the microphone? By telling him that it was a cannoli?” etc.


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