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Soda Tax Outreach Hits YouTube


Our with-it state government is pushing its soda tax with a YouTube video starring State Health Commissioner Dr. Richard Daines (who told us earlier this month that if this tax works out, they may move on to pizza and cheeseburgers). Daines tells viewers that “some taxes can be good for your health.” New Yorkers “drink the equivalent of eleven cans of soda a week,” he says, which is “pretty much liquid sugar,” and illustrates with soda cans, a big jar of sugar, and a wad of fat. Also, we’re drinking less milk! If we support the soda tax, “our health will be better,” promises Dr. Daines. “This is too smart a plan for New Yorkers to pass up.” We decided not to run this five minute plus video at the top of our page, and have substituted this chunky lady who just complains for 49 seconds (“Obesity tax! Ain’t that a bitch?”). You may also view this highly offensive video, “Blind Bat Governor of New York To Tax Children on Behalf of Goldman Sachs,” which is short and features the music of the Beastie Boys and titles like “At Least Spitzer Screwed Whores,” or this video of Rocco Castellano, author of the “Lose 30 in Thirty” fitness program, who calls Paterson a “friggin’ idiot” and suggests he “have the balls to be unpopular and tax fat people” instead. (Updated to address gender confusion issues.)



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