Thor Equities Not Done Ruining Coney Island


Having turned the swaths of Coney Island under his control into wreckage, Thor Equities developer Joe Sitt is gunning for more: now he’s offering $91 million for the three acres upon which the Thunderbolt ride sits. (The Post story contains the fun fact that the ‘Bolt is owned by the guy who also owns the Kansas Fried Chicken across from Nathan’s.) Sitt’s spokesman still maintains that his plan is to create a “‘massive entertainment-amusement’ complex” at Coney some of these days; the city says it’s trying to buy the land from Sitt, but at these prices how could we afford it?

Gowanus Lounge got a firsthand look this weekend at what Coney looks like since Sitt started chewing it up. “An absolute disgrace,” they say. “Every city official involved in this process should hang their heads in shame at one of the most botched and disgusting planning failures we have ever seen in any American city.” They also decry the lack of an “interim plan to keep Coney Island viable in the period between a rezoning and actual development,” and call Sitt “one of the most callous and biggest assholes east of the Mississippi River.” (Update: More on Coney at Metro from our own Neil deMause.)


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 5, 2009


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