Rosie O’Donnell’s variety show didn’t survive the bad ratings, but maybe the Anna Copa Cabanna Show will have a shot when the Aussie performer introduces her own ’70s-style variety hour—It’s Summer in Australia. Joined by a hula hooper, a punk bank, and the Copa Cabanna Dancers, the showgirl (who lives in Brooklyn) says she will sing about Australian clichés, like “movies that are primarily about white Australians pretending to be friends with Aboriginies as some kind of weird tourism promotion for Australia.” She will also enlighten the audience with Australian trivia: “ ‘Fanny’ means ‘vagina’ in Australia—not ‘bum,’ ” she explains. “And when you say you’ve ‘got the shits,’ it means you’re mad—not dealing with a diarrhea issue.”

Sun., Jan. 25, midnight, 2009

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