Same-Sex Couple to Trade Vows on Top of Empire State Building


In September we told you about Brides.com’s Valentine’s Day competition, for which the Conde Nast magazine would pick 14 couples whose stories compelled them and arrange for them to be married or commitment-ceremonied at the top of the Empire State Building. This year’s winners have been announced. There are some Empire State angles (one groom-to-be has the ESB tattooed on his arm), but the selection emphasis seems to be on diversity: there’s an older couple, a fatter couple, an interracial couple, an Asian couple, etc.

There’s also a same-sex couple, which excited the New York Post into covering it (“‘EMPIRE STATE’ LESBIAN BRIDES”; the commenters are, as you might expect, mostly bigoted oafs). On February 14 Brooklyn’s Jessica Chesnutt and Natalie Sauro will be the first gender-consonant couple to exchange vows on top of the building. (They’ll be commitment rather than wedding vows per New York law.) Chestnutt had a blog but upon getting engaged scrapped it for a Natalie & Jessica My Wedding Page. Now that’s love!


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 19, 2009


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