Yelpers for Macao


Yesterday, the Daily News’ Restaurant Girl awarded Macao Trading Company (311 Church Street) a mere two stars, saying that “instead of a fusion of Chinese and Portuguese food”  the restaurant serves “an uneasy negotiation between the two cuisines.”

However the new Tribeca restaurant is faring far better amongst the Yelpers, seemingly thanks to the decor, a bustling bar scene, and fancy drinks. The Yelp roundup after the jump

With 11 Yelp reviews, Macao Trading Co. averages 4.5 stars, with no reviewer giving it less than three stars. Some of the best comments in each category:

Five Stars
“one of the best things about Macao TC was the crowd. It wasn’t your homogenous blue blood Danube crowd, nor was it downtown Smith and Mills hipster-only bunch. It was a great mix of everyone just swirling around cordially.”

“The restaurant has loud music which, on par with its theme, switches from Asian to Spanish every few minutes.  The upper level of the restaurant has a small terrace that wraps the room and is filled with Asian lamps, ropes, and crates as well as gambling paraphernalia reminiscent of Macao’s heyday in the 1940s.”

Four Stars
“The vibe is just right…sophisticated but absolutely not prententious[sic]…I wasn’t overly impressed with the food overall (chinese veg curry and lamb meatballs), but the fried goat cheese appetizer and fried milk dessert (see a theme here?) were AWESOME.  Good for sharing, a bit pricey for the main courses.”

“No dishes are true Macanese. It is really Portuguese and Chinese separate.”

Three Stars
“The food was not impressive at all and the waiter charged us 3 bottles of wine while we only drank 2..when we asked to correct the error, he didn’t seem apologetic or surprised… as if he knew!”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 21, 2009

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