Holland Bar Reopens


The Holland Bar — a long, thin haunt on Ninth near 39th that had for years sold cheap drinks and White Castle burgers to seasoned regulars and, later, younger folks who approved its low-down charms, until its closing last summer — will reopen, probably this week. Last week the rumor of the Holland’s resurrection spread through Eater, EV Grieve and elsewhere, and is confirmed today by the New York Times (!!), which reports that landlord Ebeden Wong seems not to have found a way to make more money from the property, and has consented to allow Gary Kelly — who does sales for Time Warner Security by day — to reopen the Holland with a mere 20 percent increase in rent. Much of the interior decoration is gone, alas, along with urn containing the ashes of bartender Charlie O’Connor, but the interior neon Holland sign remains. Though the Times story predicts the return of old customers and bartenders, what the Holland will be like in its latest incarnation is unknown, but it will be, and that is enough.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 27, 2009


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