Obama Reaches Out to Middle East, Proving His Allegiance to Islam


George Mitchell has actually achieved something as a peace-maker, helping to effect the Good Friday Agreement that virtually ended decades of strife in Northern Ireland, so maybe he can knock some sense into the heads of those crazy Hatfields and McCoys over in the Middle East, to which President Obama has dispatched Mitchell as a special envoy. His preliminary eight-day tour will cover Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, France and the United Kingdom. One of Mitchell’s tasks, says the President, is to “ensure that Palestinians in Gaza are able to get the basic necessities they need.” President Obama also struck a conciliatory tone in an interview with Arab TV network Al-Arabiya, admitting that “all too often the United States starts by dictating” rather than listening to people in the region.

Naturally rightbloggers are enraged. “MORE DHIMMITUDE FROM OBAMA,” screams The Astute Bloggers. “There ain’t no way that Obama is gonna support Israel when push comes to shove,” cries the American Spectator. Macsmind agrees that Obama’s intention is to “marginalize Israel.” “I am starting to develop some serious concerns about the next four years,” hilariously assert the longtime Obama haters at Riehl World View.

Don Surber actually approves of the interview, but to preserve his conservative cred adds that Obama giving it to Al-Arabiya “cheeses off Katie Couric or Wolf Blitzer.” Normal people just hope it works.