Strange Snacks of the World: Mexican Candy


Sweet-salty-spicy Mexican candy was way ahead of us and our salted caramels. This mango flavored (and shaped) lollipop, above, called Vero Mango, is coated in salt and chile powder. It kind of feels like licking sandpaper, but much tastier. You can buy them at MexGrocer, or at some bodegas, including Guerrero Food Center (722 5th Avenue, Brooklyn).

Even better, though, is Pulparindo (above), a spiced and salted tamarind pulp treat. Chewy, and very, very tart with a puckering, salty bite, these things are totally addictive. I can’t be left alone with Pulparindo without eating at least 12. They are available at MexGrocer, or Guerrero Food Center (

722 5th Avenue, Brooklyn).


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