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Adolfo “Parking Lot” Carrion Finally Makes Obama Lineup


The Daily News‘ Bob Kappstatter reports today that Bronx borough president Adolfo Carrion has finally nailed that elusive White House slot. The 47-year-old will head a new Office on Urban Policy, allegedly reporting directly to the President.

The news must be true because NY1 is reporting the same thing citing its own sources. Interestingly, the cable station’s web site carries comments from three Bronxites praising the move — all of them anonymous.

Still unconfirmed is whether Team Obama has green-lighted Carrion’s biggest urban solution, one he allegedly pushed hard in interviews for the new job.

That’s his “Parking Lots for Parks” plan. Carrion wants big city mayors to replicate the deal he and Mayor Bloomberg cut with the Yankees when they traded a huge swath of green parkland for the new Yankee Stadium. In return, the Bronx is due to get some swell ballfields and swing sets right on top of the new parking lots that the team also demanded.

“It’s a no-brainer,” says one Carrion adviser. “You get a nice economic bang from the parking lots, and you just put the green on top. This one’s going to be big. Even bigger if we can use the new stimulus money for it.”

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