A-Rod’s Cousin, “Best Friend” and “Mule” Revealed; Fans Say No Hall for Doper


We thought “cousin” might be a term of art when A-Rod used it to refer to the running buddy with whom he shot up steroids back in his Mariners days. Now ESPN has found A-Rod’s cousin and he is indeed a cousin, Yuri Sucart, though he is not disposed to talk. “If you want to talk to my husband, why don’t you talk to his lawyer?” his wife told ESPN. Well, life in the drug business will make you like that. Others in the ESPN story describe Sucart as Rodriguez’ “best friend,” his “confidant and personal protector,” and “mule” for his drugs.

Meanwhile a new AP poll of baseball fans shows that 52 percent of them think A-Rod should be denied entry to the Hall of Fame, which had heretofore seemed a cinch. But they also expressed a declining interest in baseball records and in steroid abuse coverage. We supposes it was only because these were supposed to be “baseball fans” that AP declined to ask whether they gave a damn about baseball anymore, but they could have asked how much of this crap they’d put up with before they stopped following the sport entirely.


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