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Bloomberg Unaccountably Beloved


Mayor Bloomberg’s latest Qunnipiac poll numbers are the worst he’s had in this term — and they’re still good: 65 percent approval, and he beats Bill Thompson and Anthony Weiner by 17 and 15 points, respectively. Voters even like the way he’s handling the New Depression, and everything else about him. Why don’t they see the same horrible monster we see? Maybe because he’s a Maverick — the poll respondents overwhelmingly would prefer that Bloomberg accept his next coronation on the Independent rather than the Dem or GOP lines. Maybe it’s because of his populist outreach, as when he recently proposed gutting cops’ pensions. Maybe the citizens are in love with his weekly radio address, in the latest installment of which he told them how he’d started digging a tunnel that will extend the 7 subway line, which will thrive while the rest of the subway goes to hell. Actually, we think it’s because voters believe that if things get really crucial, Bloomberg will just take out his checkbook and buy them a new city.


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