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Even Nobel Peace Prize Winner Can’t Forgive Madoff


Jesus, Bernie Madoff can’t catch a break. New York magazine compared him to the Joker, and thousands of victims and moralists bay for his blood. Now even Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel is cracking on him. Madoff’s bogus investments all but wiped out the Elie Wiesel Foundation, and Wiesel has denounced Madoff as “a crook, a thief, a scoundrel” whom he cannot forgive. Of course Wiesel had a hard time forgiving even God, who also treated him badly, and he does leave the door open a crack to Madoff: “It would mean he would come on his knees and ask for forgiveness,” though Weisel says he doesn’t expect Madoff to approach him thus.

Wiesel adds, “Psychopath is too nice a word for him.” Despite Madoff’s crimes, you’d expect a Peace Prize winner to be more, well, pacific about the situation. But something about Madoff seems to piss everyone off, and his most meangingful legacy may be that he has brought the world together in outrage. Any day now we expect the Dalai Lama to announce he’s going to kick his ass. Image via The Smart Asset, where you can read how in 2007 Madoff stashed $200 million of his ill-gotten gains in a “non-profit.”



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