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Cops Take Drunk Woman Home, Caught on Tape Returning, Accused of Rape | Village Voice

New York

Cops Take Drunk Woman Home, Caught on Tape Returning, Accused of Rape


A woman got vomiting drunk one night in December, and a couple of cops helped her back to her apartment at 13th Street and Avenue A at about 1 in the monring. Surveillance camera footage from a nearby bar shows that the cops returned twice — once at about 2 a.m., coming in behind a tenant, and once at about 3 a.m. letting themselves in with a key. The woman has claimed the cops raped her. Investigators have searched the officers’ lockers and found heroin in one — the cop says he forgot to voucher it — and “personal information of other women,” says the Post. The cops had their badges and guns confiscated and are on desk duty as the investigation continues.

Commenters at cop board Thee Rant balk at the drugs but are generally pretty chill with the rape accusations.
“Half of the intox club chicks end up in a lot somewhere, so ‘she had a little of the PD sausage’ Big deal. She was safe n sound that night,” says 1PPCowards. “I wouldn’t be surprised if this drunken yuppie actually dislikes cops and has supported (at least in spirit) various Greenwich Village anti-cop protests over the years,” says Blue Trumpet. “Job, pension, marriage, reputation, assets, freedom… kiss it all goodbye. For what? Because they tried to help her home and one thing led to another?” “I handled more than one bs rape/ sodomy case where the girl or guy had buyer’s remorse,” says Action Trooper. “One white chick invited a brother home, then called it rape 10-12 hours later. Maybe if she found a white guy with a microcock it would have been OK.” Photo (cc) Digiart2001.



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