Classy: Revlon Asks if Rihanna Is “An Appropriate Spokesperson” for Covergirl


In what will likely be the first and last instances of the words “Revlon” and “Covergirl” appearing in these indifferently complected confines, TMZ breaks the news that the plucky Great Depression start-up Revlon is conducting a covert survey to see if they can’t somehow profit off the fact that Rihanna reps for their competitor, Covergirl. As in: Has the fact that this young woman has been beaten bloody by her boyfriend in public changed your opinion of our relative market share?

    The survey — which we’ve learned was commissioned by Revlon — features a Covergirl commercial for mascara. It then questions people if they are aware of the person in the commercial (without saying Rihanna’s name), if they’ve heard about her in the news lately, if they have an opinion about the person and if they feel the person is “an appropriate spokesperson” for the product.

This is recon too slimy to really even contemplate, and also sort of mystifying: Is Revlon planning on running a series of “Blame the Victim” political-style cosmetic ads if Rihanna’s negatives are high? They’re going to bar her from being nominated for Surgeon General? TMZ suggests the “obvious implication” is that the question is a proxy for another one: “Are women pissed off that Rihanna got back with Chris Brown and therefore would be less likely to buy Covergirl products?” What? [TMZ, via Jezebel]

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