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New York/WTC Finally Abandons Phony Show of Patriotism


After years of going along with the jingoistic national mood and christening the new “1,776-foot” tower to be built (eventually, God willing) at Ground Zero the “Freedom Tower,” the Port Authority has announced that it will go back to acknowledging money as its only master, and call the thing One World Trade Center instead. (You can also see the preference in the Port Authority’s own current press releases.)

“It’s the [name] that’s easiest for people to identify with,” PA Chair Anthony Coscia sheepishly tells NY1, though Old Man Pataki, who used the project for years to build his popularity and bankrupt the state, rumbled “It’s going to be the Freedom Tower.”

The star-spangled tub-thumpers at the New York Post observe, “Freedom is out of fashion at Ground Zero, skreeee Jesus Reagan skreeee,” though they did helpfully inform us of an interesting, simultaneous announcement — that the uncompleted tower has closed its first deal with a tenant, “a Chinese firm, Vantone Industrial Co., will lease six floors.” Sorry, we just had a long laughing/crying fit, what were we writing about again?

Most American citizens, of course, moved on from this a long time ago and are now engaged in the patriotic pursuit of trying not to lose their asses in the crap economy.


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