The Mountain Goats and John Vanderslice, Together Again: Moon Colony Bloodbath


The new non-Comedians collaboration between the Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle and John Vanderslice is a split LP, tremendously named Moon Colony Bloodbath, loosely billed as “concept record about organ harvesting colonies on the moon.” The cover art, which you should picture on the front of an LP, as the release is vinyl-only, is to the left. The back–which promises “lyrics copied verbatim from newspapers,” although from what we’ve heard this either isn’t true or is done so well you can’t even tell–is below. There’s a lot to scrutinize, text-wise: “Our protagonist is a man, who, bored out of his mind working in the organ-harvesting domes of the moon, takes to sleeping in one of the life-supporting apparatuses…”

Hear two of the songs, “Surrounded” and “Columns Pillars Steps,” on nyctaper’s recording of the duo’s recent New York show at the Society for Ethical Culture. Apparently, real copies of the record are already out there–and on eBay, within 5 hours of Darnielle and Vanderslice even seeing the physical product for the first time. The EP was designed to be sold at shows, as was Black Pear Tree, continuing a nice throwback Mountain Goats streak that began somewhere around Satanic Messiah and continued up through the solo tour which Darnielle just wrapped up. Before you follow that eBay link, keep in mind this a record you will eventually be able to order, as John wrote over at the Mountain Goats website:

    • if anybody here spends a hundred dollars on a record of which there are many hundreds of copies waiting to be sent to distributors, I will


    well I don’t know what I’ll do

besides think ill of you

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