Alleged Drunk-Rape Cops Turn Themselves In


Two cops have been charged with raping and robbing a 27-year-old woman while supposedly responding to a 911 call after she was too drunk to get out of a taxi last December. Both officers turned themselves in today. The charges are rape, burglary and official misconduct.

When the intoxicated woman, who’d been out drinking with friends in Brooklyn, couldn’t get out of the backseat of a taxi, the driver called for help. The officers, Kenneth Moreno (pictured) and Franklin Mata, were seen on video escorting her into her East Village apartment. In the apartment, Moreno allegedly raped the physically helpless woman, assisted by Mata, while she was lying face down on her bed. The woman vomited several times. The officers were then seen leaving the apartment, and then coming back twice. More details here. Photo via PBA magazine.