Julissa Brisman Calendar Shoot?


Perhaps following in the footsteps of her idol Marilyn Monroe, Julissa Brisman, the masseuse allegedly shot to death by gambler Phillip Markoff, modeled for an “entertainment company” that created, among other things, sexy calendars, a source tells us.

The source says the company Brisman posed for — Amarus International Incorporated, which appears to have once had a Web site called — “made calendars and DVDs.” A listing for the defunct business categorizes it as “Arts & Entertainment, Adult Entertainment. ”

“I worked [at Amarus] with Julissa on three photo shoots,” the source, who will remain anonymous because of a non-disclosure agreement with Amarus, remembers. “She was very quiet and sweet. Julissa had a small frame, probably weighed under 100 pounds, yet she was able to light up a room with her smile. The camera loved her and she was extremely talented.”

Though there seems to be little left of the erotic images the company once plied, Amazon is still selling a calendar connected to the darestars site, and there is a MySpace page. The page offers 31 racy pics, at least one of which (above) appears to be Brisman.

Update 2:00 p.m. More on the photo shoot, after the jump:

Our source has decided to tell us more about working with murdered masseuse Julissa Brisman on the defunct Web site Darestars.

“Darestars was basically this paid website. They looked for the girls next door, to do some striptease, and end up naked at the end. Thats it. Occasionally there was girl-on-girl action, but never sex. Just kissing.”

The source says an uncomfortable Brisman worked for the “shady” company several times. “She was very quiet, and did not look comfortable doing a striptease. I felt bad for her. I do not judge anyone, money is money, but some girls love to go wild and get naked, and Ashley [Brisman’s stage name] looked scared and extremely uncomfortable. It was like she knew she was pretty, so she was taking advantage of her looks by shedding clothes for money.”

The source also says the pic we’ve published was part of an interview session the Darestars did with Brisman. “They often would ask the models questions while they undressed. It was so uncomfortable, she could pose, but she couldn’t move around. At the end we were grateful it was over, because it was just that bad.”