Bristol Palin Becomes Abstinence Spokesperson


Bristol Palin has reemerged as a spokesperson for abstinence. The famously knocked-up daughter of GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin said on today’s Good Morning America that “regardless of what I did personally, I just think that abstinence is the only way that you can effectively, 100 percent, full-proof way to prevent pregnancy.” At least she’s done some groundwork for her claim. Meanwhile on the Today Show, her father approved of “sharing Bristol’s experience with other teenagers — sharing the mistake she made a year ago.” Maybe one of the other Palin kids can get busted for drugs and become a great crusader for drug prevention, and another can get a DWI and become an advocate for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Sarah Palin herself, of course, has become a great spokesperson for better vetting of candidates for national office. Photo (cc) er3465.